From our unique Size Up/Size Down Guarantee, to initiatives around mental health and support of local charities, RYU has a Corporate Social Responsibility mandate to create a healthier, more respectful and inclusive community for everyone.

No matter what your goals are, we have your back. Supporting your individual journey as far and as fast as you want to go.



All retail locations temporarily closed. Online shopping available

Following the guidance of major health authorities, both in Canada and in the US, we have decided to temporarily close all retail locations in order to preserve, within any possible means, the health and well-being of all the individuals we interact with on a daily basis. This action helps everyone – team and community members alike – to safely stay home and support their families, friends and loved ones.
Our retail locations will remain closed until further notice, beginning on March 17th. The specific goal is to do all we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19 that is causing so much suffering and damage on a local and global scale.



Closed until further notice.