O-Five Tea Bar

O stands for our obsession with Origin. We travel the world building strong bonds with farmers and sourcing rare tea from remote villages. We want your cup to tell the story of the earth on which the tea grew and the hands that lovingly harvested each leaf.



On Tuesday May 12, we will open the tea bar from 2pm to 6pm.
Starting Wednesday May 13, our regular hours will be 1pm to 6pm.


Keeping the safety of our customers and team as a top priority,
We focus mostly on loose leaf tea sales and kombucha growlers.

We offer tea and kombucha in compostable, disposable cups. We will not offer bar service in glass or ceramic yet. We cannot receive or refill used growlers, but do offer new growlers AT COST. We strictly enforce social distancing within our space.

We also encourage pre-ordering, through our website (with free pickup) or phoning our office (605 275 2002). This way, we can ensure that your loose leaf or kombucha order is ready! We encourage wearing a face mask, except while drinking tea, and being 2m away from other folks.



1pm to 6pm DAILY

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