DUXIANA is the exclusive home of The DUX Bed, as a privately-owned company, DUX’s only responsibilities are to our customers and to the integrity of our product. For over 90 years, we have studied ways to blend the science of sleep with the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Our philosophy has always been that deep sleep can only be achieved through a full understanding of the needs of the human body.



We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that we are being responsible and cognizant of our staff and our client’s wellbeing and safety.

Temporarily Closed / By Appointment Only:  Please call (604) 222-2623 for phone orders and all service-related questions.

We would further like to remind our customers that beds and all accessory items including custom orders are still available and can be processed over the phone.  We wish you health and safety during these uncertain times & look forward to serving you in any way we can.




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